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Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Recap

There are a lot of memes like this going around these days:
2016 deaths memes

I get it. Kind of. These are people the world cares about and has loved. It's sad to see creative, talented people pass on. I was especially sad when I learned Alan Rickman died earlier this year. He played a beloved character in one of my favorite movies, Sense and Sensibility, as well as the iconic Snape in Harry Potter. 

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But do the deaths of all these celebrities really make 2016 the worst year in the history of the world? Okay so Trump won the election, so yes, this may be a pretty bad year, but at least for me 2016 has been pretty epic. 

Here's a recap. 

Got engaged to the love of my life. Secret: Jeff is actually the goofiest and I had no idea before I married him. He keeps me laughing every.single.day. He's also addicted to flossing his teeth. Another thing I did not know before our wedding night (call me for the story).

Jeff surprised me by flying this pillow to DC from Utah for Valentine's day, thus setting the standard really high for incredibly thoughtful gifts (and Valentine's Days).

Celebrated the life of my incredible grandmother with my family and extended family. Connected with cousins that I hadn't previously had relationships with and spent a few days reminiscing on the life and character of our family's matriarch. 

Took our engagement photos at sunrise near the Tidal Basin. Things are getting real. 

Got lost in wedding craziness. Stuffed envelopes. Finalized wedding registry. Designed reception decor. Perfected wedding day makeup. Ordered table linens. Started writing thank you notes. Had two bridal showers and felt the love from so many friends. Moved out of my last single apartment and into the apartment I'd share with Jeff. 

Best month of the year. Married the love of my life and honeymooned in Australia.

Worked the Citi Open tennis tournament for the 2nd year in a row. Took a tour of the White House's West Wing with friends and settled in our married lives. 

Traveled to Philadelphia for the new temple open house and spent some quality time getting to know our new kiddos in Primary. Watched A TON of the Olympics on TV. 

Celebrated my 30th birthday by traveling to Utah. Watched the BYU v. West Virginia football game at FedEx field with the best group of friends. 

Tried to avoid any and all things Halloween (I know, we're weird). Enjoyed watching the World Series and the best Game 7 ever (go Cubs!) and got a lot of calligraphy practice in. 

Celebrated Thanksgiving with our dearest friends, the Doxeys, at Founding Farmers and spent the afternoon handing out warm clothes, socks, and food to the homeless.

Hosted my in-laws at our home and spent a day delighting in Christmas at Mt. Vernon. Spent 10 days in Utah with our families for Christmas. Enjoyed the most incredibly ski night at Brighton where the second run of the day was during sunset. 

Bring on, 2017!