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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taking stock

Making: the best of year 27
Creating: homemade salad dressings
Drinking: so much water that coworkers are keeping track of bathroom visits. The clear skin and lost weight is worth 30 trips to the baƱo, right?
Reading: about the hard life that is living in Afghanistan as a woman
Wanting: a Navy blazer with gold buttons and elbow patches
Looking: for a new perfume that sticks on me
Playing: an inconvenient game of cat and mouse with a retched car dealership over a broken transmission
Wasting: time looking for a new tv series to start watching. Why can’t Friday Night Lights last forever? Tim Riggins you sexy man.
Sewing: jean hems for my guys
Wishing: my nephew was in my arms so I could see the tuft of hair he’s managed to grow
Enjoying: the brisk chilliness of the weather and my recent discovery of pumpkin spice steamers
Waiting: for him to realize I’m standing right here
Liking: new roommates and late night conversations that assure me
Wondering: what will happen in April. I only see a question mark.
Loving: the slow but steady tightening of the muscles in my quads, arms and abs
Hoping: for more volleyball to be played
Marveling: at the wise and sage advice that was given by Prophets and Apostles
Needing: more than one long hug
Missing: apartment prayer, New Girl snuggies, and my wingwoman
Smelling: nothing really
Wearing: neon for as long as I can get away with it
Following: the news however depressing it always seems to be
Noticing: the worn soles on two of my favorite pairs of shoes. Stop it shoes.
Knowing:  Monday is a no work holiday
Thinking: about which gym I should join
Feeling: burdened but optimistic
Bookmarking: fashion blogs full of girls that wear ridiculously expensive clothes. I don’t get it.
Opening: emails from an extra special missionary brother
Giggling: over good morning texts that start my day with an end to end smile

**The idea for this post was stolen from one of my favorite bloggers at thedaybookblog.com