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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A few autumnal favorites

1. My birthday surprise

What does a girl even say when she gets showered with so much love and affection on her birthday? I woke up on a regular Wednesday morning knowing Jeff had something planned for us to do after work, but never in a million years expecting what he actually had planned for us. It was too kind, too good, and too much of a surprise that I was left speechless and overwhelmed with the kindness that was showed me.

Breakfast breads and cupcakes, and a desk decorated so lovely as I walked into work
The kindest Facebook and text messages
Personalized video messages from the most adorable niece and nephew in the world
My favorite meal from Design Cuisine picked up and assembled, ready to consume at Jeff's house
The two most adorable pairs of flats picked out by the boyfriend. With extra pairs in extra sizes just in case one didn't fit.
What I thought was going to be a nice bike ride around the monuments at sunset
What actually turned into a bike gang with friend joining us at every stop
Another group of darling friends waiting at the Lincoln with cookies and milk and a final rendition of "Happy Birthday!"
Cards with sweet words that have gone straight into my heart and are never leaving

I am the luckiest.

2. Noosa yogurt

Yogurt is a big part of my life, like, really big. I think I've tried just about every flavor and brand out there and was recently introduced to Noosa. Guys, this is a game changer in the yogurt department. It's Australian-style but produced in Colorado and it's the perfect combination of tangy and sweet. I'm not gonna lie, it's also crazy expensive, but since my company pays for my lunch every day I figure I can spend an additional $1.50 on my yogurt every morning. Plus, yogurt is good for my digestive system and the flavor is good for my taste buds. The lemon is to die for, the raspberry too, and add some frozen fruit like blueberries or raspberries and you have a killer breakfast.

3. Sophisticated sweaters

I'm trying to get some more sophistication into my wardrobe this winter and these sweaters are going to do it, I think. Plus, who doesn't like 60% of clearance?

Primary Image of Animal Spot Sweater

4. New movies

Fall means new movies. "The Walk," "Spectre," and "Burnt" are all movies I am dying to see.

5. Breaking my sugar addiction

I decided after my birthday that things were getting a little ridiculous in the sugar department and that something needed to change. I had a full flown addiction and had to have something sweet after every meal, including breakfast. So I decided to see if I could go a month without any baked goods, candy, chocolate, or soda. I'm not going to tell you it's been easy, but it's doing wonders. I'm sleeping better and I don't feel that nasty gross feeling inside. Now I'm just going to have to figure out how to reintroduce it to my diet come November so I can enjoy a little chocolate every once in a while without overdosing.

6. Berry picking

I'm proud that I have spent two Saturday mornings in the great outdoors enjoying the crisp, fall air and getting to know new friends. The first Saturday was spent at Butler's Orchard in Maryland, attending a fall festival meant for little children (No wonder the lady that we paid looked in our car and asked if he had any children with us!) and berry picking. We got there in perfect raspberry picking season so the bushes were full and our bowls even fuller by the end. I truly feel that berries and fruit are two of the evidences that God loves us. I could probably eat an entire bushel of raspberries in one sitting without trying too hard. Not mad about my berry stained fingertips by the end.

7. Planning Thanksgiving vacation in Costa Rica

We're down to 39 days till we leave for Central America. Most of the Air Bnb's are booked, there's a 12 passenger van awaiting our arrival at the airport, I bought adventure pants AND adventure shorts for the trip, and as the weather gets a little bit crispier, I can't wait to get some sand between my toes one day and fly through the rain forest on a zipline the next day.

8. Buying Christmas airfare for cheap!

Bless Jeff's mom's heart, she gave us the tip that Christmas airfare might be the cheapest it's going to get last Friday so we jumped on it. And she was right! I had been tracking flights and not finding anything cheaper than $700 but last Friday I bought my airfare for $514. Wahoo!

9. Not having the air conditioner or heater on

It's that blessed time in the fall when we don't have to air conditioner nor the heater on. Low utility bills are the bomb.

10. General Conference...

...ROCKED! Seriously, mega spiritual feasting happened. My favorites were President Uchtdorf, Elder Stanfill, and Elder Bednar. But really, my favorites were all of them. We got three new Apostles which is something to yell from the rooftops and I think they are going to be awesome in every way. Can't wait to hear from them more in April. I just wish I could help the world understand how cool it is that we have Prophets and Apostles. The world listened with baited breath to every thing the Pope said when he came to DC a couple weeks ago which was really cool and I love how Catholics revere and respect their Pope. He's definitely an inspired and God-fearing man. But what's even cooler is that there are actual Prophets and Apostles on the earth today and they speak to us! I wish the world would pay closer attention because it could probably learn a thing or two.

11. Amazing Race and Scandal are back on TV

I watch very minimal TV, not for any "I'm against TV" reason, I just always seem to be doing something else. I put all of those other things aside to watch Scandal and The Amazing Race, however. Lazy Saturday mornings catching up on my shows can't be beat.

12. Trips to Annapolis on perfect fall afternoons

Falling in love with this city and it's quaint charm.