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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Some thoughts on quitting

Today I left my first real grown-up job.

I ran my last report, I filed my last paper, and I shut down my computer for the last time.

I spent some time cleaning out my desk and found the following:

  • hundreds upon hundreds of paper clips, stuck in every nook and cranny of my desk drawers
  • three shoe laces
  • two water bottles, one of them half full
  • "Over the Hill" party decorations
  • an American flag that was flown at the United States Capitol one day in March 2013
  • four random keys
  • two bottles of nail polish
  • hand wipes
  • a bag full of hygiene essentials that I always meant to give to a needy homeless person
  • two staplers
  • an Etsy print that says "Como te llama?" with a picture of a llama (get it?)
  • a dozen blank envelopes
  • a barely working phone charger
  • four USB drives
  • an unopened tube of Chapstick
  • tissue paper
  • a mousepad with a kitten on it
  • a half eaten bag of Dove chocolates
Just in front of my desk I left behind a wall full of sticky notes with quotes on them- hilarious quotes from my colleagues over the last four years. Every quote makes me laugh and remember some funny moment in the office when we had tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard. 

I had a giant floor-to-ceiling window to the left of my desk (the best seat in the office) where I would look out and see McPherson Park. Sometimes I would hear protesters or musicians. I would see the first snowflakes of winter.

I was showered with gifts and praise today, much of which I felt unworthy of. At lunch I was asked to talk about the memories I have, my accomplishments, and how much I will miss everyone. I feel like I've left my family. 

Four years! I haven't down anything for four consecutive years. It's here that I've grown, I've been stretched, I've learned interoffice etiquette and communication. What has four years done to me? What has it meant to me? In the long scheme of things four years isn't a lot but this was my first real grown-up job! I had colleagues that I loved and adored and others that I struggled with. I worked with people with backgrounds so different than mine but learned to love and respect despite our differences. I had a boss who set the bar so high, a golden standard when it comes to bosses, and I want to emulate her in so many ways. These last four years have meant everything to me!


Today I left my first real grown-up job.

I ran my last report, I filed my last paper, and I shut down my computer for the last time. 

I walked out of my office on the 10th floor and walked through the park, down into the metro, and jumped on the Blue Line toward Franconia. 

Monday I start real grown-up job #2. 

A new adventure begins.