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Monday, December 21, 2015

Costa Rica: Pura Vida!

Since it's practically impossible to recount just how awesome, fun, and beautiful this trip was as a whole, I'm just going to go over some highlights:

The breathtaking scenery

Driving from Monteverde toward Jaco, we had to stop a couple times because these 
views were unbelievable. A photo lens can't do it justice.

Me and Jeff's first international trip together

The sunsets

Jungle canopy and beach for as long as the eye could see. 

The activities

Ziplinging! We went on the longest zipline in Latin America, a cable longer than a mile! And we went Superman style. What a thrill!

Hanging bridges through the jungle canopy. Our first glance at some monkeys!

At the end of our first day, we found the local hot springs usually frequented by the natives and found a perfectly warm river that we relaxed in for a long time. The warm water felt so good and it was fun watching other people arrive and wade in the river. I could have stayed there for hours. 

Banana boating on our last morning. We didn't know how fun this was going to be being pulled by a wave runner, but I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Our driver was so much fun and we had an absolute blast. Perfect way to end our trip!

The cool places we stayed

I have had nothing but awesome experiences with Air Bnb. This trip was no different. We stayed at two places (seen above) and both were perfect in their own way. The top picture was probably my favorite Air BnB to date. It had the balcony where we took the sunset photos, brand new furnishings, and was the perfect space for our group. If I were to go back to Costa Rica I would head directly to that teal house in Manuel Antonio. I was in love!

The classy people

Our first day in Costa Rica we took the time to drive to the town of Naranjo and drop off a care package for a friend of a friend. It felt like being on the mission again! They let us into their home, we chatted for a while, they bought us cold Cokes and cookies, and we were able to help them with some needed clothes. It was awesome!

Thanksgiving Day with these wonderful people. 

So many incredible memories in The Beast. 

 The cool restaurant called El Avion where we ate Thanksgiving Dinner. It was perfect. 

One of our last meals. We loved the owner of this little Soda and she loved us.

What a trip of a lifetime! 

Costa Rica, you charmer you.