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Monday, June 29, 2015

reading kick

Some of the fantastic reads I've enjoyed recently:

This article on Ross Ulbricht and Silk Road – it may take an hour to read but it is so worth it. You may learn things about the internet that you had no idea even existed. Once you're done with the article (don't forget part 2!), make sure and Google Ross Ulbricht to see what happened to him but wait till AFTER!

This book on Thomas Edison and the invention of incandescent light. A fascinating read on how the light bulb changed the world.

These love essays from the New York Times. 

This blog - my favorite of all blogs -  which I’ve followed for more than five years. I feel like these people are my family and I would (creepily) like to meet them one day.

This article on the usage of commas. Just call me a nerd but I really enjoyed this one.

This blog post on the different YSA scenes around the US written by some normal Mormons called Normans. Can I say SPOT ON?

This book on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I’m actually on my second back-to-back read of this one and it’s the perfect Sunday morning study.

This article on how to fall in love and 36 intimate questions to get there. 

This – the official opinions of the Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage in the United States.

This blog written by a man who digitally home teaches the lost sheep in his ward each month.

This daily news update written by a perfectly snarky female. It gives me all I need to know in a brief, well-written, clever email every morning. 

In the queue:

This book about moms on the Upper East Side of New York City. Apparently some of them get bonuses if their husbands feel they’ve parented their kids well that year. Insane.

This Tumblr because I still get a kick out of every single post.

Let me know if you read any of these and then we can chat!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

it's been a decade

My 10-year high school reunion was held last weekend. I could not attend, which I consider a blessing, but I made some observations last night as I scanned through the photos that were taken at the event and then posted on social media.

1) I did not recognize at least a third of those in attendance. This surprised me only because I was pretty cool in high school (cool meaning I was pretty cool among the non-popular, regular, still didn't know how to dress myself or do my hair like a girl people) and I thought I knew just about everyone. I remember thinking that at the time I could probably name everyone in my graduating class (I've always had a gift for remembering faces and names). But there I was looking through pictures and not even faintly recognizing people. What happened? Is my memory already going? Oh no, I'm turning into my grandmother. Or did they change? Which brings me to my next point...

2) Most of the people I did recognize still look the same, just a little more pudgy. Don't get me wrong, I'm throwing myself into that category as well because heaven knows I've gained a few pounds in the last ten years, which actually made me feel better about myself because it looks like almost everyone else has too.

3) There were two people in attendance that were not married. TWO. If I had gone I would have made #3. I was also single when I attended my 5-year reunion and if that wasn't enough to make me feel out of place, then still being single when my 10-year reunion came around would only magnify the feeling of awkward.

4) Neil Locke, the kid with red hair that wore a green shirt every single day in high school, except on St. Patrick's day when he would wear an orange shirt, was there. He was wearing a green shirt.

5) None of the popular people (the actual popular people that dressed perfectly, always had money, and would hang out in the lounge during lunch) were there. I wonder why.

The last day of summer after our Senior Year. 

This was obviously back when pooka shell necklaces were in. 

After a football game when we'd regularly head to Macy's for ice cream cones.  


The day we graduated! It was a hot day and the sun was so bright we could hardly open our eyes for pictures. I just need to say this, I should have had those golden tassels for having a high GPA but they ran out. I have seriously been bitter about this for ten years. 

I had an amazing high school experience at Orem High School. I know that some people hated high school with the fiery burning passion of their soul, but that wasn't my experience. I'm sorry for those people who look back and didn't enjoy those teenage years because, for me, those years were golden.

I had some of the best friends a girl could ask for. The girls didn't create drama and the guys were down to earth and respectful. I couldn't have asked for a more solid group. We spent our school days playing foosball in the student council room during lunch, our evenings studying together, and our weekends skiing together and going to football games and dances together. We asked each other on dates, played for hours at the pool and in the river during the summers, and supported each other emotionally and spiritually.

During our senior year when our friend Devin got cancer, our friends decided to go to the temple every single Friday morning at 5:30 am to do baptisms with him. It was an experience that set the tone for the rest of my life and my temple worship.

I had no idea that some kids were doing drugs and wouldn't have known where to go if I had wanted to do that. Our high school dances were fun and clean and no one had to worry about inappropriate dancing. All of my friends attended Seminary and we all prepared to serve missions (our of 12 friends, 8 of us did so). I learned lessons about modesty from my guy friends who expressed how they appreciated our modest clothing and prom dresses. We spent so many evenings in each other's homes playing card games, watching Disney movies, laughing, and everything in between. It was seriously the best of times.

And after high school, one by one, we were there as each other moved away for missions or school or jobs.

These days all of my high school friends are doing awesome things. Some are mothering or fathering, others are working in professional jobs, and some are pursuing more education We are scattered around the country and rarely talk or see each other. But I will always look back fondly on my high school years with admiration.

Hats off forever to Lauren, Jacque, Kirstin, Ashlee, Ashley, Tim, Garrett, Josh B, Devin, Daxton, and Josh P.