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Thursday, September 4, 2014

This I believe

This I believe..

I have incredible friends. These are people that are filled with so much goodness that it almost makes my heart burst. These are people who love, who have incredible conversations with me, who wake up early while at a beach house, get dressed up in ironed church clothes to drive an hour, just to attend church. These are people who are doing great things with their lives - smart, intellectual, world changers. Social media shows me people my age who are consumed with materialism, sex, and drugs. But my friends are good, they are strong smart people who have hearts of gold. 

Spontaneous dance parties are what I live for. 

Dating and relationships are some of the most heart-changing things we deal with on this earth. They are so so good, but they are hard. The emotions we experience are some of the most raw and intense that we'll ever feel. I think it's because they are so worth it. Every relationship I've had I've come out a better person. I know myself better. I listen to my soul and what it wants and needs. And (if I do things right) I come out with a better relationship with God. So I'm not going to be afraid to love.

Chocolate chip cookies need no explanation. They are the best. 

Surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh is one of the best things you could do. I love to laugh. I may not be the comedian in the group but I find almost everything on this earth humorous and I love to laugh all the time, every day, without exception. 

It is a really good thing to try something new and challenging. 

Feeling feminine and sexy is becoming more and more important to me. 

Social media is killing my ability to concentrate. I've noticed that I can't keep a thought in my head for very long because I get distracted. I can't think deeply. I want to be able to reason, to problem solve, to let things sink in, but when I can't go very long without opening up Instagram, that will never happen. 

Fall is approaching which means cold, crisp walks, colorful leaves, and the approaching holidays. I get more giddy every day. I have had a love affair with summer this year - probably the best summer of my life and I'm sad to see it go...but give me pumpkin anything and I'll be ready for fall. 

I do not feel (almost) 28 years old. 

Watching boys compete in pool obstacle courses with floaties, noodles, and inflatable whales makes for some of the best memories.